Kirsten Campbell

Kirsten Campbell

Email Marketing Manager

Kirsten has a blast strategizing email campaigns and creating content for a variety of brands and industries. She is attuned to writing from diverse perspectives and putting herself in the shoes of clients and their audience. Since joining the JB Media team in 2015, Kirsten has collaborated on a wide range of projects, including those focused on social impact, e-commerce, and education.

Before she stepped into the world of digital marketing, Kirsten was a wide-eyed literature student in love with poetry, fiction, and songwriting. During that time, she earned a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Tampa and a Master of Arts in English from Morehead State University. In her spare time, Kirsten enjoys traveling, being outdoors (especially at the beach) and playing music.

Kirsten is smart, hardworking, inquisitive, and always ready to lend a hand, which makes her great to collaborate with on client projects. Plus she is super good at puns, which is pretty much the icing on the cake.

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