Justin Belleme
Justin Belleme Founder, Director of Strategy
Adrianne Gordon
Adrianne Gordon Director of Business Operations
Sarah Benoit
Sarah Benoit Director of Training & Lead Instructor for JB Media Institute
Leah Quintal
Leah Quintal Director of SEO & Content Strategy
Mandy Gardner
Mandy Gardner Senior Content Writer and Brand Journalist
Kathleen McCafferty
Kathleen McCafferty Content, PR & Community Outreach Specialist
Genna Harris
Genna Harris Institute Program Manager
Peter Frisa
Peter Frisa Online Advertising Manager
Kirsten Campbell
Kirsten Campbell Email Marketing Manager
Leah Shapiro
Leah Shapiro Lead Editor & Content Optimization Specialist
Kristen Molina-Nauert
Kristen Molina-Nauert Graphic Design Specialist
Tara Mele
Tara Mele Project Manager & Operations Systems Manager
Sarah Yerkey
Sarah Yerkey Business Development Specialist
Laura Sanders
Laura Sanders Social Media Advertising & Strategy Specialist
April Stolarz
April Stolarz Social Media Specialist
David Gwaltney
David Gwaltney Online Advertising Specialist
Ira G.
Ira G. Barketing Specialist
Lucy M. Shapiro
Lucy M. Shapiro Puplicity Specialist