While we specialize in Internet marketing, our team brings a broad range of knowledge, skills and education to your project. From website development and monetization to computer programming and project management, we provide valuable support to new and growing businesses through consulting and facilitated retreats.


This unique combination of knowledge and experience allows us to provide valuable advice on a wide range of projects and initiatives:


Online Marketing Strategy Development – New ventures and existing businesses in a wide variety of industries engage us to develop custom online marketing strategies.


Online Business Plan Development – Have an idea for an online business? We can help develop a business plan including budgeting for the following areas:

  • Business model research and development
  • Software and website development budgeting
  • Staffing
  • Marketing
  • Operations


Website Monetization – Receive or increase revenue via your website from a solid strategy and well -crafted plan based on industry best practices.

Social Media Strategy Development –  Advanced social media tactics are sometimes necessary to gain a foothold in the crowded world of social media. We evaluate the landscape, determine the most appropriate platforms, and provide expert guidance.


eCommerce Strategy – Selling successfully online requires the right know-how and tools.  Leverage our experience with dozens of eCommerce clients to create a strategy specific to your products, business model and customers’ online buying preferences.


Human Resources – Need in-house online marketing or website development staffing? We can guide you through the hiring process to find the right fit for your needs and culture:

  • Job description creation
  • Candidate screening
  • Interviews
  • New hire training