Social media is the fastest growing form of human communication and quite possibly the most cost-effective means of creating both brand awareness and word-of-mouth interest. It is also the most sophisticated method for sharing pictures of cats the world has ever known. Whether you are posting photos of Mittens or a how-to on yarn bombing, social media can have a big impact on your business and bottom line.


Stronger Engagement.

Well managed social media accounts are consistent sources of fresh, engaging and sharable content. As you entertain and inform the members of your networks, you enhance brand loyalty among fans and spread awareness of your business to new audiences, both locally and nationally.




Our social media experts understand how to provide the right balance of promotions, news, stories and images to engage social communities. Success in social media also requires moderating conversations about your business, products or services by others.  It is important to know what is being said on social media – the good, the bad and the funny – so it can be addressed appropriately. Our professional team offers quick and apt responses to praise, questions or concerns as they occur.

Social media advertising provides a means to deliver your message to very targeted audiences. Narrow your focus based on location, age, and many other in-depth personal factors: preferences for specific brands, magazines and other broad-based interests. We have had strong success with Facebook advertising to grow fan bases, drive traffic to company websites, and increase sales.

If you’d prefer to learn the most effective strategies to manage your own campaigns, we’d be happy to teach you through either the JB Media Institute or a customized training.

We understand social media and how to make it work for you.