Potential customers, partners, or donors might not know you exist — but they’re searching for what you provide. Will Google send them to you (via your website)? Often, during website creation, the focus is on your brand, website design, and how your site works. You might not prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) — but that’s how people find you! Without a strong SEO strategy, you’re missing opportunities to connect with people who are looking for your products or services.



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Smart Strategies

Do you know which keywords hold the most potential for your website, based on search volumes and competition? Does your website rank in the first three positions for your top search terms? Are you using current best practices for SEO – or are you being hit with penalties due to outdated techniques?

Today, effective SEO strategies are based on the fact that Google (the most powerful search engine) rewards sites that offer the most valuable content for users. That’s good news, because it means improvements that strengthen your SEO will also make your site more interesting and useful for your target audiences. Attracting people to your site and engaging them once they are there is a powerful combination for growth.

SEO Services

Our SEO services are tailored to your needs and goals. We start with strategy, research, and planning. From there, we can help you plan, create, or edit optimized content. We can also train your team. Options to expand your online presence include:


Website Assessment

We review your website’s performance, check for technical issues, explore content opportunities, and recommend next steps. This comprehensive SEO audit creates the framework for your SEO strategy.


Keyword Research

To attract people looking for the solutions you provide, you need to target the right keywords — so you can position yourself where potential customers are searching. We collect and analyze extensive keyword data, including search volumes and competition levels. Then, we recommend the keywords that offer the greatest potential to achieve your goals.


Content Strategy

We deliver customized plans for online content designed to attract search traffic, engage people, and get results. We identify content opportunities that are likely to create positive impact, develop an overarching strategy, and provide a plan of action.


Content Development

Our talented team of professional writers produces engaging content including web copy, blog posts, newsletters, press releases, articles, and contests that support your strategic goals.


Content Facilitation

You create your own content; we provide a framework to make it effective. We can work with you to generate ideas, develop a content calendar, edit your content, and optimize it for SEO. We can also collaborate with your team, creating some of your content while you create the rest.


Link Building

Google sees links to your website as votes of confidence, which improves your rankings in search results. We offer consulting, strategy, training, and additional services (such as PR) to support quality link building, while avoiding outdated techniques that can hurt your SEO.


eCommerce Optimization

We use keyword research to inform your site architecture, product descriptions, metadata, and schema markup — so your online store stands out from the competition and attracts targeted search traffic.

“Our sales have grown as a direct result of the SEO efforts lead by JB Media Group. We track the inbound source of all sales, and the sales growth from our website has been the largest of all.”

- Tom Dempsey, Sylvan Sport

Smart strategies get results.

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