Potential customers may not know your company exists (yet!) but make no mistake, they are searching for what you provide. Often the website creation process focuses on the company’s brand, the aesthetic of the design and overall site functionality. Limited attention is given to search engine optimization. The result is a website that is missing out on targeted traffic from search engines.







Smart Strategies.

Do you know which search terms provide the greatest opportunity for your website based on both volume of searches and competition for ranking? Does your website rank in the first three positions for those terms? Is your site avoiding over optimization penalties by utilizing current best practices for SEO?

Effective search engine optimization strategies make your site more appealing to search engines while adding content that draws targeted audiences. Our SEO methods are based on the premise that Google, the most powerful search engine, rewards websites that are the most useful to searchers – sites that provide compelling content. We create, edit, and educate your team on how to craft such content so that potential customers find your site and see you as an authoritative resource on the subject, product or service they are seeking. This approach yields results in both increased traffic and more targeted traffic to your website.

“Our sales have grown as a direct result of the SEO efforts lead by JB Media Group. We track the inbound source of all sales, and the sales growth from our website has been the largest of all.”

- Tom Dempsey, Sylvan Sport

Smart strategies get results.

Our case studies demonstrate what we can achieve for you.