Search engines are the number one method that consumers search for information on the Internet. Google handles over 70% of the 500 million daily search engine queries, making it the most heavily used search engine in the world. Do a quick Google search for the most important consumer search terms in your market. Is your website ranking in the first three positions? JB Media can help you design and implement a plan to move your site into those top positions.

The search engine optimization (SEO) team at JB Media Group has a scientific understanding and approach to search engine optimization. We utilize in-depth industry knowledge to help you determine the best keywords to target and to execute a focused strategy to help your site move onto the first page for these keywords.

Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most important step of search engine optimization is keyword research. Most sites make one of two major mistakes with SEO. They either target keywords that are too competitive or keywords with search volume that is too low. The key is targeting a wide range of keywords within a search volume range that is achievable for your website’s current size and PageRank. It is also crucial that the size and PageRank of your website is actively increased so that, as time passes, your site can target more competitive keywords.

  • PageRank is an algorithmic page scoring system used by Google to determine the value of a website or individual web page. The scoring is logarithmic distribution of all web pages and is represented on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the strongest rank.

On-site SEO Factors – Content Creation and Internal Linking

Effective search engine optimization requires a complex synergy of factors. The most important and easiest controlled factors are the content of the website and the formatting and linking of internal pages on the site. To improve your search engine ranking, we design a customized plan for your site that utilizes our knowledge of how Google finds and indexes content and employs best practices for content.

Off-site SEO Factors – Inbound Linking

The main off-site factor is the quality and quantity of incoming links from other websites. We provide a number of services to help increase the number and quality of incoming links. Our main technique for SEO link building is PR Web SEO press release distribution.

SEO Packages

It is very difficult for a website to rank for any significant keywords with less than 20-25 SEO optimized web pages. Therefore we recommend the creation of at least 20 or more keyword targeted and SEO optimized pages for your website.

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