What is JB Media Institute?

Launched in 2013, the Institute is a comprehensive Internet marketing training program currently available in-person in Asheville, NC and online. Our classes teach search engine optimization, social media, online advertising, online public relations, and strategy.

Expert Educators.

The Institute was developed out of our customized Internet marketing training programs created for JB Media Group clients. Because they are rooted in real world experiences, Institute classes provide up to date and in-depth information, strategies, resources, and tools for successful Internet marketing campaigns. Our students learn directly from professionals who specialize in the online marketing subjects they teach in Institute courses. We believe that learning is enhanced through application. As part of their Institute training, students create real Internet marketing plans for their own companies, organizations or personal projects.

JB Media Institute at Ignite Asheville 2014

Half Day Bootcamp in Asheville

July 29, 1- 4:30pm

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Fall Session in Asheville

Sept 15 – Oct 22, 2015
Tues, Wed & Thurs, 2 – 5pm
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JB Media Institute - Internet Marketing Training Programs

Who Should Attend?

We designed the JB Media Institute to provide digital training for:

Marketing professionals – Whether you are an internal or independent marketing professional, Institute classes provide expanded skills and knowledge, translating into value for your business or clients.

Administrative staff – Online marketing responsibilities increasingly fall onto the task list of administrative team members. Our training program is designed to add valuable skills and career development for your staff.

Entrepreneurs / business owners – Any business owner that relies on the Internet for marketing and business development will acquire the ability to oversee strategy and manage the implementation of online marketing efforts by staff or outside vendors.

Interns – Businesses looking to enhance their online marketing efforts can sponsor an intern to complete our Internet marketing program on behalf of their company.  The JB Media Institute team can work with existing interns or help recruit and place new interns.

Career transition – A comprehensive understanding of online marketing can provide strong career development opportunities and marketable skills.



The JB Media Institute classes covers the full spectrum of tools, strategies, and tactics included in a complete online marketing campaign:

No Internet marketing training program would be complete without tools for reporting, project management strategies, task delegation, and big picture strategy development. These concepts are woven into the overall curriculum so that you can immediately and effectively apply what you learn.


Our instructors for the JB Media Institute classes are online marketing professionals. Institute founders Justin Belleme and Sarah Benoit, as well as additional members of the JB Media team and guest presenters, offer their experience in classes covering special topics and advanced strategies. Students work closely with these industry veterans, who bring to the classroom years of intensive, real world experience in the field of online marketing.

“People often ask me what I took away from the JBM Institute and I tell them there are three things: 
– the strategic internet marketing plan that we developed in class and are currently implementing for Galaxy,
– the knowledge and exposure to all the other businesses and ideas that were represented by my peers taking the course and
– a deeper relationship formed with JB Media and their vast knowledge and ongoing commitment to helping businesses like ours meet the challenges of a web-connected world.”
– John Kelley, Galaxy Digital

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