These values define our company culture and guide how we work and interact amongst ourselves, with our clients, and in our community. The JB Media team arrived at these core values together, after much discussion, reflection, and collaboration. While we recognize that we can’t perfectly embody these values all the time, we do our best. Our values play an important role in selecting prospective team members, projects, and partners, to ensure the right fit.

JB Media Company Values Defined


Courage: We approach our work with authenticity, enthusiasm, and heart

Trust: Our relationships are built on trust and our belief in one another

Integrity: Practice integrity in all we do—we keep it honest, we keep it real

Reliability: We do what we say we’re going to do and then a little more

Accountability: We take ownership for all we do and accept that learning is a process

Innovation: Creativity is not just making something new, it’s going beyond expected norms. We’re not just out of the box, we crush the box

Communication: We believe that true collaboration is not possible without connection. We ask, listen, hear and co-create

Respect: Honor each person’s right to be heard, seen, and regarded with dignity. We respect the earth and are considerate of our collective impact on the environment

Transparency: Aim to be honest and open in all that we do

Relationships: We work to cultivate authentic connection with each other and our community

Evolution: We are curious explorers with a desire to deepen and develop ourselves through continuous learning. We approach excellence as an evolutionary process of personal and professional growth

Balance: We honor freedom, flexibility, and fun in our lives and work. Brilliant insights are born in the state of balance

Gratitude: We are grateful for the collective opportunities that we create by working together